Acoustic Solutions Service

Blends Lifestyle provide high-quality acoustic solutions for ceilings, walls and commercial spaces that have exceptional acoustic performance.

We can help you with:

  • Acoustic Reports
  • Acoustic Calculations
  • Parametric Designs
  • Acoustic Installations

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ACOUFORM provides bespoke, high quality and stylish acoustic solutions from sustainable materials for the office, hospitality and commercial environments.

Country of origin: United Kingdom


HERAKLITH is the originator of cement bonded wood wool panels. Producing high-quality finished solutions for walls and ceilings that improve thermal and acoustic performance, fire safety and ease of installation since 1908.

Country of origin: Germany/France


ORGANIC by Knauf

ORGANIC is proud to be part of the Knauf Group. Specialising in acoustic insulation that offers both form and function, Organic acoustic panels and tiles can be printed in any colour and pattern or engraved and shaped – tailor made especially for your space.function.

Country of origin: France


IDEATEC is a world leading specialist in the manufacture of soundproofing systems and services with high-quality finishes, primarily in wood.

Country of origin: Spain